Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

Embracing a more ethical way of doing business also means that we have become more transparent about what we’re doing and how we are going about becoming a greener company. Take a look at our CSR reports and you’ll read about our vision, progress and creativity to understand the many challenges we have faced and how we have worked through consistent effort commitment to long standing collaborations to reshape our CSR footprint meaningfully. 



2009-2012 Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF)

This Corporate Social Responsibility Report covers the period 2009 to 2012. It includes a review of our CSR journey and programs, environment and sustainability efforts, commitment to quality and food safety and our numerous collaborations and partnerships. In the report, we announce that our sustainability targets for 2020 are to reduce the usage of fresh water by 15 percent, and reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent from a 2007 baseline.


2007/2008 Annual Report: Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF)

Chiquita’s fourth Corporate Social Responsibility Report continues to emphasize the importance of Chiquita’s corporate social responsibility for our company, employees, shareholders, customers, other stakeholders and our planet. In addition, we renew our unwavering commitment to high legal, ethical, environmental and social standards.


2006 Annual Report: Corporate Responsibility Section (PDF)

In our 2006 report to shareholders, we announce that we have maintained 100% certification on our owned banana farms in Latin America to each of the following independent standards: Rainforest Alliance (environmental), Social Accountability 8000 (labor and human rights) and GlobalGAP (food safety). In addition, we highlight progress at the Nogal Reserve in Costa Rica and report on the agreement reached with the U.S. Department of Justice regarding payments made to protect employee safety by the company's banana-producing subsidiary in Colombia.


2005 Annual Report: Corporate Responsibility Section (PDF)

In our 2005 report to shareholders, we announce that 100% of our owned banana farms in Latin America are now certified to each of the following independent standards: Rainforest Alliance (environmental), Social Accountability 8000 (labor and human rights) and GlobalGAP (food safety). In fact, as part of a major consumer education campaign, the Rainforest Alliance seal is now included on all Chiquita bananas sold in nine European countries. We talk about expanding the scope of the Nogal Reserve in Costa Rica. We also report a decade of data demonstrating how certification has helped drive better farm productivity and lower costs.


2004 Annual Report: Corporate Responsibility Section (PDF)

In this corporate responsibility update, we report achieving certification to the Social Accountability labor and human rights standard (SA8000) on 100% of our owned farms in Latin America – fully one year ahead of our internal goal. In addition, we note how we have extended our corporate responsibility efforts to our Processed Fruit Ingredients business, as we continue to expand the scope of our reporting to additional lines of business. We also note a key challenge the company is facing in Colombia.


2003 Annual Report: Corporate Responsibility Section (PDF)

For the first time, we include a section of our annual report to shareholders dedicated to corporate responsibility progress, including an update on certification to the environmental, social and food safety standards of the Rainforest Alliance, Social Accountability 8000 and GlobalGAP on our banana farms in Latin America.


2002 Corporate Responsibility Report: Sustaining Progress (PDF)

This report was written during a time of financial crisis and operational changes. In 2002, Chiquita's debt was restructured and the company emerged from bankruptcy. But our Corporate Responsibility work continued strongly.


2001 Corporate Responsibility Report: Our Continuing Commitment (PDF)

This report demonstrated solid progress toward the goals we outlined in 2000, and strengthened our social reporting to include verification opinions from some of the most respected observers of labor rights performance in Latin America.


2000 Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF)

This, our first report, aimed to increase employee understanding of and commitment to Corporate Responsibility as well as open up a debate about our performance. In this report we deliver an honest assessment of our current performance, discuss how we were dealing with some of the more difficult challenges we faced as well as identify paths for improvement.

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