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We still carefully place each famous Blue Sticker on each fruit by hand.
Career Areas

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From planting to growing & harvesting, packing & transporting, and distribution to the consumer, Chiquita products take a journey. At every step along the way, Chiquita employees are responsible for the highest levels of both quality and service. Here are just some of the many areas within Chiquita where your career can grow.

Food Safety & Quality

Our Food Safety & Quality employees ensure that our products consistently meet our safety, freshness and quality standards, which are the highest in the industry. And that's not a small task, considering that hundreds of thousands of Chiquita® bananas are consumed daily and that we provide Fresh Express® salads to more than 2 million consumers every week.

R & D

Chiquita Research Developers are businesspeople that use science to help create consumer-appealing products and innovative processes that contribute to improving the world’s nutrition and expanding our product portfolio.

Product Development/Innovation

At Chiquita, we all play a role in helping consumers eat healthier at home and on the go. Our innovators conceive the products, processes & platforms that meet consumer and customer needs. And, whether it's a new, healthy and nutritious snack or unique packaging that helps reduce plastic usage, these groups are constantly looking for ways to provide consumers with new and exciting products.

Sales & Marketing

We rely on our sales and marketing professionals globally to not only understand our products and customers, but also to provide insights into regional and local customer and consumer preferences so that we can offer the best, most successful products for their needs. These are the people who act as our connection to the most important part of our business—our customers and consumers.

Demand Management

Seeing your decisions play out on the world markets in real-time is pretty exciting, to say the least! If you’ve ever wondered how weather impacts the supply of bananas globally or what impact that supply has on pricing at current consumer demand levels, these are the things that the people in our Demand Planning area get to not only think about, but also act on. They spend their time planning and thinking but, when a decision needs to be made, they act fast.


Regarding the question of “who gets what supply and when,” if you ask Distribution, they would say, “Let's get it to who needs it now.” Being aware of what’s happening across our production, acting on the needs of our customers and knowing what’s going on in our transportation network, this group is the link that drives the speed to execution. Remember, all of our products are fresh and perishable, so “warehousing” is a rarely used word at Chiquita.


Freshly harvested lettuce from the heart of the salad valley in Salinas, California, and other North American locations is immediately cooled and transported to one of our Fresh Express salad packaging facilities. Facilities in Central America receive and use fresh bananas, pineapples and other foods as standalone end-products or as ingredients. These strategic locations trim, wash and package thousands of fresh ingredients to make Fresh Express bagged salads and other snacking products. Within an incredible 48- to 72-hour window between harvest and distribution, our Manufacturing team is responsible for making sure the nation is supplied with our fresh crisp salads.


Procurement makes sure that we have the right tools along the journey from seed to shelf. Whether it’s having enough corrugated cardboard to ship our salads or pallets to stack our banana boxes, it's an exciting place to be when you get to be involved in deals at the sizes in which we operate!


Add together a global business operating in six continents with a wide variety of fresh Chiquita products, and you’ll find the need for innovative transportation solutions! Our cold chain, the speed at which we operate and our constant collaboration allow our transportation group to thrive in a business where every minute counts. Refrigerated containers on ships, trucks, trains…between salads and bananas, we move millions of pounds of product every week.

Agriculture Operations

At Chiquita, our bananas are grown throughout the Americas on our own farms, as well as with independent growers. With more than 100 years of banana farming experience and our extensive knowledge of growing salads, Chiquita ensures that all Chiquita-branded products are grown in a responsible manner: from the best agricultural practices, to rigorous standards for quality, to supporting our corporate responsibility programs. We even partner with our growers on seed varieties to make the freshest, newest, most palate-pleasing Fresh Express® salads.

Farm Operations & Productions

This is the heart of our business. The farms and fields where our products are planted, grown and harvested are obviously of vital importance to our success. We’re constantly working on better ways to grow and harvest our fruits and vegetables, to do so in an environmentally responsible manner, and also to maintain high ethical standards, while ensuring that our employees work in safe conditions and that they receive the utmost respect and compensation that they so richly deserve.

Port Operations

Chiquita has a truly global supply chain. Since most of our bananas come from Central America, and we have customers on numerous continents, our products arrive at ports around the world. From Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, to the Port of Wilmington, from Athens to Antwerp, and many other points throughout the world, Port Operations makes sure that this vital step in the journey runs smoothly so that our bananas maintain optimal ripeness.

Project Engineering

The analytical thinkers in Project Engineering begin each day in search of answers to questions. And they take great joy in coming up with the right answers. They ensure that our production lines are set up right, that we’re doing everything we can to reduce waste and conserve resources, that our bananas, salads, healthy snacks and beverages are getting into the hands of consumers quickly and that our world-class quality is consistently maintained.

Maintenance & Engineering

Without this group, Chiquita and Fresh Express would not be able to consistently deliver great products at any sustainable level of volume. Throughout our network, these employees help keep us in business around the clock, ensuring that our vast array of equipment is all running smoothly and that our production lines are working at the absolute peak of efficiency.


Of course, we also have jobs that support our global operations. Whether it's providing them with the right tools for their jobs or helping them to discover opportunities to grow professionally, we want all of our employees to have the chance to contribute at their highest level. Though our global headquarters is in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we have regional headquarters in San Jose, Costa Rica and Rolle, Switzerland, we have no more than a few hundred corporate employees. As a result, it's exciting to think globally with each decision made, and rewarding to see these decisions impact broadly. It's also challenging to think about issues that you may not face in your own country. Whether it’s HR, Finance, Legal, IT or any of the other groups that help move our business, these employees all support and directly impact the Chiquita brands.
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